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Parody of The Raven
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The Raven Parody

by: Matthew Culberson and Amanda Coker

Once upon a class so boring I was sleeping and loudly snoring,
Dreaming of my home and forgotten chores--
While I slumbered, nearly drooling, suddenly I met the flooring,
I got up quickly to escape detection, detection by Mrs. Moore--
"Oh my gosh" I muttered "I just fell onto the floor--
only that and nothing more"
Ah, distinctly I recall there was laughing all down the hall
And each step she'd taken toward me made me ponder even more.
Eagerly I wished to die;--vainly I had to lie.
From my mind came a sigh, sigh for the knock on the door--
for the quick and annoying rap which continued on the door--
Sleepless here for evermore
And the loud,annoying laughter of each and every child embarrassed me
Filled me with frantic thoughts never thought before;
So that now, to stop the questioning of my teacher, I stood repeating
" It was not me that fell to the floor--
some other classmate of mine fell to the floor--
       That's the truth and nothing more."


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